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Welcome to Puerto Bunas! Synonym to the king size life.


The working locals live in Marbella and where can one have fun as tourists?

Marbella is a traditional Spanish town, while Puerto Banus is where the nightlife is.

This expensive place (as compared to other spanish places), famous for its nightlong parties, nightclubs, bars, beeches, variety shoppings, Supercars, Yachts and Golfing, is just 7 km from Marbella.

Marbella is famous for its nightlife. And Puerto Banus completes it.

Many of the glamorous and exclusive late-night bars, music bars, night clubs and restaurants are located here only.

Marbella is famous throughout the world for its glitzy image and glamorous nightlife. Many of the exclusive venues are located in Puerto Banus and on the Golden Mile (one of the most luxurious residential areas in Marbella). Most visitors who come to Marbella come to party, and there is no shortage of it.

Best way to reach out from Marbella to Puerto Banus is to get a taxi which takes only 10 minutes; And for backpackers, there is a direct bus service departing every 20 minutes.One will also love the boat trip from Marbella old town into Puerto Banus Marina.

Marina has loads of lovely restaurants and bars, plenty of lovely designer clothes shopping to do, sit outside one of the cafes looking at the boats and watch the world go by, such an assortment of people, and some of the best cars ever.

Puerto Banus, Mi Amor.


Catering for the world’s rich and famous means Marbella has some fantastic eateries that not only offer an extensive selection of cuisine, but also offer a brilliant night out.

Nikki Beach is near Puerto Banus and it is where Marbella’s exclusive crowd can be found known for their fun vibes and good food.

La Sala promises the ultimate social and dining experience day and night, and they don’t disappoint with an extensive menu and a lively crowd.

Fond of Japanese food ? Namazake is set within the Marbella Club and has a reputation for being one of the best Japanese restaurants in the area. It’s also right next door to Suite nightclub, so it’s the perfect starting point for a night you are looking for.

Infuschia restaurant is just on the side of popular night spot Tibu  and offers a variety of great dining.

Choose Pizzeria Picasso for some affordable food. You’ll also find plenty more independent and authentic eateries on the Marina side if you take the time to the area.



The shopping in Puerto Banus is second to none and you can expect to find endless rows of boutiques and high-end designers, including Dior, Versace, Louis Vuitton and Bvlguri.

No trip to Puerto Banus is complete without a visit to the Puerto Banus market. Held every Saturday morning from 9am, they have on offer a whole host of clothing, jewellery, trinkets, souvenirs and local fruit, vegetables, spices and flowers.



In the summer months you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to places to party.

Sintillate Marbella has been around for years and have earned themselves a stellar reputation for being Marbella’s best-known party organisers. Their site can be useful while you are planning the best part of your trip.

Pangea is one of the most popular pre-club destinations, with a large, open-air terrace and plenty of space to mingle. Similarly, Newscafe is also a popular place to start out for drinks.

If you’re looking for somewhere to carry on the party, there are plenty of clubs to choose from –

Tibu is just a short walk from the marina with an open-air terrace to chill when you need some space.

Aqwa Mist sits directly under La Sala and boasts a large VIP area, including a secret VIP room out the back with it’s own hot tub.

Other nightclubs include Sleek, Funky Buddha and Olivia Valere, once known as Marbella’s most exclusive nightspot, so your nights will be far from dull.

Go for your holiday at the right time and you’ll be lucky enough to be there for one of the infamous daytime Sintillate Champagne Spray parties hosted at Ocean Club, which happen on several dates throughout the summer. And this will definitely be a pool party you won’t forget.

Sala Beach also hosts numerous day parties throughout the summer, as well as being the perfect place to chill in the day. They host their infamous Love Juice parties which are also not to be missed and attract a celebrity crowd year after year.

Not to be missed – rent a Yacht

Sala Beach has a yacht that is available for charter throughout the summer if you book in advance. So whether you want to sightsee, dolphin watch, or simply lounge on board with a glass of champagne, there are different price structures to suit all, making it perfect.

In recent years, Puerto Banus has earned itself a reputation as being a playground of the rich and famous and celebs and royalty alike have all been papped here enjoying the sun.


Gibraltar – just 75 km from Marbella


Being too expensive to stay in Gibraltar, its better to go for a day tour..

Gibraltar is a duty free British Overseas Territory which means it is under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom but is not technically a part of it.

So, most locals are bilingual; they speak Spanish as well as English.

Duty free means no products are taxed so when you purchase items from Gibraltar, they are cheaper than in any other countries comparatively.


What to do in a day 

Gibraltar is most famous for The Rock of Gibraltar, a 426 meter high limestone rock rising out of the sea. One can take a Cable Car up to the Top of the Rock of Gibraltar.

St. Michael’s Cave

The St. Michael’s Cave are caves with stalagmites and stalactites. They are illuminated by different colors,

Moorish Castle

The Moorish Castle shows the strategic and dominant position of Gibraltar. It is a really impressive construction and really interesting to visit.

Main Street

The Main Street is, as the name says it already, the main street of Gibraltar with a lot of shops, restaurants etc.

Also one can visit area highlights such as the Great Siege Tunnels, the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque, Europa Point, anddo the Dolphin Safari.

Gibraltar is a separate visa area, and has its own distinct immigration controls. The Schengen visa alone is not enough.

You can enter Gibraltar if you hold a multiple-entry Schengen visa and you hold a passport from China, India, Mongolia, Morocco or Russia for a maximum of 21 days.



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