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24 hours in Baden-Baden, Germany

Baden-Baden, the town in southwestern Germany’s Black Forest, is my favorite relaxing city in Europe. The town is well known for its fancy salt and mineral rich hot springs. Also, Baden – Baden has many high-end shopping stores. It is a stunning city dotted with spas, parks and elegant houses, a casino that is one of the oldest, still solid Russian ties, a trendy and luxurious view and a fantastic holiday destination. The history of the town goes back to the Mesolithic Period at its earliest 10,000 years. Yet it came on its own with the Romans, who settled here around 70CE.They discovered abundant thermal springs in the area, and the healing powers with which they came. As a spa and holiday town Baden-Baden catapulted into the limelight in no time. But that would embellish this picture which had more to come. Many centuries later, when a casino was built, the indulgent picture of the town took on a distinctly decadent one. It added to the allure of the city, and soon became the stomping grounds of the classes of Europe, making the city the summer capital of the continent. The city survived World War damage but has retained its reputation as an international spa town. When you are in Baden-Baden for a day, make sure that you make the most of it.

Napoleon III, Queen Victoria, Victor Hugo, Nikolai Gogol and even Marlene Dietrich all took the water here, and it is said that Fyodor Dostoyevsky used his famous casino as the setting for his novel “The Gambler.” Town legend is that Ivan Turgenev wrote to Gustave Flaubert in 1865: “Come to Baden-Baden. Here are the most beautiful trees I have ever seen. They do miracles for the eyes and the soul.”



Where to stay in Baden – Baden

Baden-Baden’s luxury offerings are completed with several small yet exquisite boutique hotels which promise a completely unique stay experience. Here are a few of the suggested options:

During daytime


Legend says that Baden Baden includes soothing waters also known as the drinking space. Take the water from the antique-looking pump and the Friedrichsbad spring, which is 17,000 years old. The prominent building contains Corinthian pillars which are the perfect place to take pictures for newlyweds. To the left side of the house is the café and restaurant at the Trinkhalle to warm your soul, seek a heisse schokolade, or hot chocolate, topped with Germany ‘s finest whipped cream. There is a tourist desk on site to ask any questions about what to do in town.

Walk along the River Oos

River Oos, also known as the Oosbach, is an integral part of Baden-Baden and greatly contributes to the compelling charm of the region. And while it has a long and beautiful route, it’s pretty convincing inside the town and makes a great walk any time of the day. There are magnificent walks between them, crossed at regular intervals by elegant bridges. Some stunning buildings are also located along the river including the luxurious Brenners Park Hotel. There are lovely stores, boutiques, restaurants and cafés as well. There are also benches all over where you might just sit down, read a book or have a picnic lunch.


In order to enjoy the summer capital of Europe, one of the two main spas-The Friedrichsbad and the Carcalla spa is a must place to visit. The Friedrichsbad is strictly enforced, sequential and no clothes allowed while immersion in water. But the next door is Caracalla spa where you can keep your swimsuit on and can still enjoy the waters.

This Roman-Irish bath contains 17 stages to the experience of calming the mind-body. Friedrichsbad is a little more radical than Caracalla, where you can hop from room to room. Fully unclothed, every bed, steam bath, or pool has three hours to experience in sequential order. To the end, there is a rest space where a member of the team wraps you up in a blanket like a sandwich, and you can take a nap. Additional add-ons include body scrubs and massages. You will be provided a “watch” at the entrance and exit to make sure of the timings. The staff will charge you for the extra time any time you’ve spent over the amount you paid. Also do take a towel with you!


Caracalla spa offers hot and cold baths, dry saunas, steam rooms and an on-site restaurant. If you only want to experience the hot pool then I would recommend taking 1.5 hr pass or else a day pass(which is almost equal to the 3hr pass). Before stepping in these large water baths, you will be required to take a shower. The shower areas for men and women are different but the pool affects coed bath settings. The therme offers indoor as well as outdoor experience staying in the same pool, so you are really in and out. I spent about 2-3 hours here and would recommend the same. You will come out relaxed and happy – ready to enjoy the night in Baden – Baden.

Baden baden Marketplace

The streets of Baden Baden are lined with luxurious boutiques selling edgy and contemporary designs. Baden Baden has gained popularity in recent times for its shopping sprees too. 

Baden baden Casino

If you want to risk losing your euros, the famed casino Baden Baden resembling French royal palaces is the right place. If you don’t want to risk, then a tour of the fascinating game halls will make you sense the history permeating this fine establishment.

Note for admission:

The minimum age of entrance is 21 (valid passport or ID is required). Men to be in jackets (also available at the entrance to rent for small fees).

Drink Baden Baden Wine

Baden-Baden wine is the home of the Rebland Wine region. If you love sweet wine, then you have to try the Riesling. Some naturally sweet grapes produce some of Germany’s best quality white wines. The region’s key grapes grow 54 percent of Riesling, 32 percent of Pinot Noir and 5 percent of Müller-Thurgau. 

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