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Moscow and St. Petersburg are very cosmopolitan and fashion trends are more uplight than in European fashion hubs and New York. But also just thinking about the cold in Russia may cause shivers. Russia is fairly conservative, and if you want to stand out, wear bright monochrome colors, particularly in the winter months. But if you want to blend in with the Russians, stick to neutral colors like black, grey, navy.

Pack for places 

When visiting religious sites, make sure you’re covered up well. If you wear clothing that is unacceptable in religious sites, you might be attracting unwanted attention. Carry a scarf to cover your head.

Clubs have a strict dress code and won’t let you in unless you are up to their expectations. In Moscow, people style up fancier than in most other cities, so play to your strengths. Wear trendy pieces ending up above the knee. Heels are an absolute must.

– Guests must have the mandatory attire to gain access to the different rooms. For instance, during formal evening dinner, men are required to wear full suits on most liners and women should be in a cocktail dress. Every line differs slightly according to their particular guidelines so be sure to contact the company before packing. 

If you want to follow the wintertime tradition swimming in hot and cold baths, steam rooms, and saunas, be sure to pack your swimwear.

Shoes – You’re are likely to end up walking a lot, so a stout pair of walking shoes or trainers is a must. Russian women love to flaunt high heels, so choose one pair of heels to wear with dressy outfits. Pack another pair of waterproof shoes/boots to walk in just in case there’s snow on the ground.

Pack for weather

  1. During winter months(September to February), Russia is freaking freezing and requires layers, a very thick warm coat, gloves, and scarf. A furry coat will keep you even cozier. Earmuffs and waterproof boots are also safe to keep.
  2. In order to adjust with temperature changes during the day, dress up in layers. Pack a few wool sweaters for layering and four or five pairs of pants.
  3. For summer months, temperatures range between 77-86°F (25-30°C) and sometimes be humid.
  4. A hat to protect yourself from the sun and a small umbrella is a must. Also, a warm hat or beanie to keep you warm.
  5. A layer of thermal underwear – leggings or long johns and a long-sleeved top – under your clothes really keeps you warm.
  6. A lightweight crossbody bag will be a must to carry your essentials and also add glamour to your dress.
  7. You will often not find toilet paper inside Russian toilets, so do carry along if you need one.
  8. We appreciate the Weather+ app-it offers a detailed 6-day prediction for day and night, which is very handy when you prepare from home. You should always hold all the locations you have been to, it is a good way to recall your journey
  9. If your systems are not equipped for Russian voltage (220V), you need a adapter socket, and also a step-down voltage converter to use electrical gadgets.

Shopping Tips

Moscow has every single store you could think of! From global luxury brands to everyday wear, it caters to many budgets. You can pick up European-made goods cheaper than in North America. Good shopping malls include Afimall located in Moscow City (another must-see) and Evropeiskii located at Kievsky train station.


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